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Loblaws ridiculed for tiny pieces of cucumbers in vegetable rolls

Another day, another photo of a product spotted at Loblaws that has people scratching their heads in confusion and frustration.

Reddit user u/BBrea101 shared a photo taken last week of a "mini vegetable roll" tray spotted at a Loblaws-owned store in Winnipeg. The cucumber sushi roll called a kappamaki is made with cucumbers cut into long sticks, sushi rice, and seaweed sheets called nori.

A quick photo search shows vegetable rolls filled with several pieces of cucumbers. Simple enough.

loblaws canada

Depiction of what a cucumber roll should look like. Photo by AnastasiaNess/Shutterstock.

But the Loblaws version looks perhaps a little too simple.

Instead of a roll stuffed with rice and pieces of cucumber, the rolls are stuffed with mostly rice and what appears to be just a single chunk of cucumber each. The tray is priced at $6.

"Superstore in Winnipeg took the mini to a whole new level," wrote r/BBrea101. "They used to be jammed with carrots, cucumbers and avocado. I don't even think they're trying to pull the wool over our eyes anymore, rather, just tossing scraps out the window at us."

... just roll with it ...
byu/BBrea101 inloblawsisoutofcontrol

The label states that it's packed by Bento Sushi, and according to the site, the company provides "the highest quality packaged sushi and ready to heat/made to order hot Asian food."

Products are sold at airports, shopping malls, hospital food courts and university and college campuses, and groceries are "made fresh, on-site daily."

Commenters ridiculed the roll's rice-to-vegetable ratio, stating that it was overpriced and a "crime against sushi."

byu/BBrea101 from discussion

"What is this, a cucumber piece for ants?" one asked.

"They said mini veggie. So they are not lying lol," another joked.

What are your thoughts on the mini vegetable roll? Let us know in the comments.

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TRMCanada/Shutterstock | BBrea101/Reddit

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