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Flat croissants are Toronto's hottest new food trend and here's where you can find them

Flat croissants are the latest food fad taking over Toronto, but they're not as easy to find in the city as you might think.

Toronto foodies are no strangers to food fads — from jiggly cat pudding to rich cookie dough croissants, there are no lengths they won't go to to try the latest trend, and is still holding true with the latest pastry craze — flat croissants.

The pastries — as much as they may look like it — are more than traditional butter croissants that look like they've been sat on. They're often coated in sugar or caramelized, giving them a brulee-like snap and glistening sheen that gives glazed donuts a run for their money.

The pastries, which look like they've been sent through a laminator (in a good way, if that's possible,) are also frequently topped with chocolate, syrups, nuts, or whipped cream.

At Scarborough bakery Dessert After Meal, for example, you'll find mega-sized flat croissants in flavours like matcha, pistachio, stawberry white chocolate and dark chocolate with almonds.

Other shops, like Paris Baguette, are serving a filled version, with raspberry jam and nutella on the inside, providing an ooey-gooey mouthful after you break through the crisp shell.

The trend originated, as many wonderful things do, in Korea, and is slowly but steadily seeping its way into bakeries across the city, like the never-late-to-a-trend Little Pebbles.

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