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Canadians call out Kraft for salad dressing shrinkflation

Canadian shoppers are calling out Kraft for shrinkflation after noticing that the brand's salad dressing bottles look much smaller than usual.

A photo comparing the original 475-ml size of salad dressing and what seems to be a newly designed 425-ml bottle was posted on Reddit last week.

"The one on the left is old, being replaced with a smaller one. I know this is pretty common now, still frustrating to see," wrote the original poster in the "Loblaw is Out of Control" Reddit group.

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The post was flooded with comments as fellow consumers expressed their thoughts on the new bottle size.

"One day, we will go shopping and find travel-size food options as the new norm. Corporate greed, people," wrote a commenter.

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"500ml for decades, then 475ml during Covid now 425ml a few years later! Disgusting practice, Kraft/Heinz!" said another Redditor.

"Shrinkflation, baby. I wish I kept all my old packaging for moments like these," remarked another poster.

"The first thing that I noticed was the big Gatorade used to be 950ml, and now it's 825ml for the same price, if not more expensive."

We conducted an online search of several grocery stores, including Walmart, Real Canadian Store, Food Basics, and Metro, to see if the 475 ml bottle was still in stock.

The searches showed that the item was "unavailable," "out of stock," or there was only "limited stock" available.

This week, another shopper noticed the smaller salad dressing being sold alongside the 475-ml bottles for the same price at BC-based grocer Save-On-Foods.

"Have you noticed Kraft salad dressing? [They] changed the shape of the bottle, reduced the amount of dressing and increased the price," stated another X user.

Salad dressing isn't the only Kraft product to suffer from shrinkflation. Last November, Canadians began to notice that boxes of Kraft Dinner had decreased in size and quantity.

Food distribution researcher and professor Sylvain Charlebois noted on X that Kraft confirmed the size change in October 2023.

We reached Kraft for comment but did not hear back before publication.

What products have you seen impacted by shrinkflation? Let us know in the comments.

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