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Canadian creates tool to find alternative grocery stores ahead of Loblaws boycott

With the Loblaws boycott less than a month away, one Canadian has created a tool aimed at helping shoppers find alternative grocery stores to major chains.

Reddit user Responsible_Space629 revealed a new site they created called Alt Grocery in the Loblaws Is Out of Control subreddit on Monday.

"Are you tired of the high prices and limited options at the big chain grocery stores? I've created a tool that might just be the solution you've been looking for," reads their post.

"The website is dedicated to helping you find alternative grocery stores, pharmacies, and farmers' markets across Canada, away from the 'big 5' grocers."

Explore Alternative Grocery Options Across Canada with AltGrocery.ca
byu/Responsible_Space629 inloblawsisoutofcontrol

The "big 5" grocers the Redditor refers to are Loblaw, Metro, Sobeys, Walmart and Costco.

The Alt Grocery creator says that the tool was born out of rising concerns over price gouging and few choices when it comes to grocery stores.

They aim to "empower consumers" by promoting fair pricing and supporting smaller, local businesses often overshadowed by larger chains like Loblaw stores. The site will spotlight these businesses by promoting their social media, websites and providing customers directions to reach these stores.

Alt Grocery is already live. It essentially works as a directory where you can search for alternative grocers in your province. The options will show up as a list on the left and in map view on the right.

loblaws alternatives

The alternatives aren't limited to local grocery stores. You can also find farms, pharmacies and farmers' markets in the directory.

Reddit user Responsible_Space629 does note that this is an early version of the tool, which they worked on as a side project.

The creator says the platform is community-driven and encourages Canadians to share any alternative groceries they might know of.

"If you know of any hidden gems—be it a quaint little grocery store, a local pharmacy, or a lively farmers' market—please suggest these locations on our site via the 'Recommend an Alt Business' button," reads the Reddit post.

If you experience any issues with the site or have any questions or concerns, you can contact the creator at hello@altgrocery.ca.

You can also donate to the project here. The creator of Alt Grocery says all of the proceeds will go towards hosting costs and expanding the site based on community suggestions.

"Together, we can create a more diverse and consumer-friendly shopping landscape across Canada," Responsible_Space629 wrote. "Let's make a difference — one store at a time."

You can find more ways Canadians are trying to save money on groceries here.

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