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People in Canada shocked at price comparison between Whole Foods and Loblaws

Despite making "efforts to lower grocery costs," Canadians are still upset at how expensive Loblaws has become.

A reddit thread posted by fungshuifighting in r/NorthVancouver showed the price of kiwis at Whole Foods and Loblaws, and people were upset.

"Since when did Whole Foods become less expensive to shop at than Loblaws City Market? Organic too. Or is this an abnormality?"

The picture showed organic kiwis at Whole Foods listed as 99 cents each, while kiwis (not organic) at Loblaws cost $1.49 each.

People quickly replied in the thread to share how outraged they are at Loblaws.

Whole Foods vs. Loblaws
byu/fungshuifighting inNorthVancouver

"This speaks volumes to the direction Loblaws is heading," shared one user.

"I heard this from a friend last week, he was stunned the produce section at WF was cheaper than Loblaws" said another person.

Other people in the thread left comments sharing how they manage to get cheaper produce.

One user shared, "You basically have to shop at multiple stores to get the best value/quality/price."

Another said, "I find Whole Foods are often cheaper. Good quality eggs are usually cheaper at Whole Foods than anywhere. Meat, cheese, deli and pantry are all more expensive, but sometimes the seafood and fish is quite competitive," and said that Loblaws produce was "just sad."

However, one user did note that while the price tag said the kiwis at Loblaws were from the U.S., the stickers on the actual kiwis said they were from Greece. Meanwhile, the kiwis from Whole Foods were from California.

"Each country exports at its own prices, and let’s not forget California is part of the USA, so it gets to benefit from a lot of USMCA (NAFTA) provisions that make their exports more competitive than, say, Greece," they said.

"ROBlaws. Everything is scanned as bananas," concluded another user.

Many people are preparing to boycott Loblaws in May, and a Canadian has even created a tool to help find alternative grocery stores.

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