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Someone says they found a worm in their food at famous Toronto restaurant

Someone just posted a video claiming they found a worm in their food at the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower.

"This was in my oysters," reads text in the video. "They tried to convince me to take a dessert rather than taking it off the bill."

The caption reads, "I was disgusted."

As tends to happen on TikTok, the comments are flooded with people saying the original poster should have already known that this can be a risk with raw seafood, although they're not saying it's not gross.

"Y'all shocked raw seafood has the chance of having other things in it. Especially oysters," reads one comment with over 100 likes. "This isn't even the worst of it."

"There are many different living things in oysters," another person commented. "Sushi too. I wouldn't eat any raw seafood."

"That's a mud worm," someone else chimed in. "They are quite common in oysters. A quick Google will show you that. It happens."

Other people have also commented that these kinds of things are usually washed out of oysters at restaurants, and that they're harmless.

Other people are on the original poster's side, though, especially when it comes to the bill, one person commenting the entire bill should have been comped and another person commenting they should have thrown in free champagne and dessert.

Someone else even said something similar happened to them a few days ago.

@trapdees, who would rather be referred to only by their social media handle, said they found the worm during an April 1 visit, which they had been really looking forward to as they were visiting from Bermuda and it was their first time visiting the CN Tower.

"I told the waiter so he got the manager. The manager was very short with me, stated that he will go ask the back. He was not apologetic at all and the staff just left the worm in front of me while this all took place, despite my request for them to take the dish off the table," @trapdees tells blogTO.

"I never spoke to the manager again but the waiter came back and said, 'What I can do is offer you one dessert.' I told him I want the oysters off the bill and he said, 'Ok, you can either have the oysters off the bill or one dessert.' I told him I don't wish for dessert and to remove the oysters."

They say that they understand things can happen in the kitchen, but that the entire experience was tarnished by the way things were handled.

"I felt like how it was handled was disappointing," says @trapdees. "The manager was very dismissive when he was informed about the issue and it made the rest of the dining experience very uncomfortable for me and my table."

360 Restaurant says they have tried to rectify the situation with the poster of the video but haven't been able to get in touch.

"360 Restaurant regrets that one of our guests had a negative dining experience and that the matter was not resolved to their satisfaction," a rep for 360 tells blogTO.

"Members of our team have tried multiple times to reach out to this guest (and will continue our efforts) to address the issue but we have so far received no reply."

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