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Toronto store selling extremely rare strawberries for $28

Ontario's strawberry season is notoriously short-lived, but one Toronto specialty store is selling some extremely rare Spanish varieties to keep your cravings at bay until the summer. 

Introducing the one-and-only Borga strawberries, available to you by the good people at Cheese Boutique, who specially orders the berries from all the way from Espana.

While the price tag on these little red jewels is pretty hefty ($27.99 for a crate), owner Afrim Pristine says they are worth every single penny. Plus, you can keep the cute li'l crate as well. 

"They are exactly what you want a strawberry to look, smell and taste like," he tells blogTO.

Not only is their colour incredibly vibrant and their shape perfectly plump, but Pristine also says the smell is actually "intoxicating."

"As soon as you walk in, the smell they give off is incredible, you can smell the strawberries more than than the cheese."

Bringing in the Borja berries for three years now, he says getting them to Canada isn't really that hard, thanks to his great supplier.

The season for these fruits starts in January and Cheese Boutique brings hundreds of crates in a week, that is without fail, sold out by each weekend.

"They are not cheap but people pay for quality," he said, crediting their deliciousness to Spain's ideal growing climate and fertile soils. 

So if you now must try these berries, don't hesitate. The growing season ends in May and that means Cheese Boutique will only make one or two more orders until next year.

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Cheese Boutique

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