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People are loving this Burrito Boyz in Toronto for one simple but important reason

A Burrito Boyz location in Toronto is warming hearts with a simple gesture meant to help people in need right now.

The Burrito Boyz on Warden Ave. in Scarborough is offering free meals to people who cannot afford to pay.

According to sign placed on the counter, the establishment touts a no questions policy. In a time of great food insecurity, this is a welcome and generous offer for those who really need it.

After seeing a video of a restaurant in Montreal giving out free food to people who couldn't afford to pay, Burrito Boyz Warden Ave. owner Noor Virani tells blogTO he was inspired to offer a free meal program at his own shop.

He's been offering free food since 2019 although he didn't post a sign about the gesture until 2020 when he felt more people were struggling. 

burrito boyz

Photo of the sign at the restaurant via Google.

Virani says that when he decided to offer the free food his children laughed at him and called him crazy. He replied to their concerns by saying, "God will help - this is a good cause."

A good cause indeed. Virani says over 300 meals are given out in an average month. He says people of all ages have come to access a warm meal at his location. 

The policy even extends out to a shelter and senior community he partners with a couple times a month.

Virani says he sees the community like a family. He reminds his employees to not judge someone's status of need by the car they may pull up in or the clothes they may be wearing.

"They could have bought those things before they lost their jobs," he explains. 

While Virani has had people come in who expressed desire to contribute to his initiative, he tells me he has rejected all offers, "So far, I can still manage. If I can, I want to keep doing this forever."

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