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Noodle restaurant nailed with 11 infractions by Toronto health inspectors

A local go-to restaurant in Toronto for handmade noodles was recently flagged by health inspectors after they detected multiple infractions. 

GB Hand-Pulled Noodles, located at 1024 Gerrard Street, received a conditional pass notice on April 13 after health inspectors found 11 infractions, two of them crucial, eight of them significant, and one of them minor. 

The restaurant is well known for its steamy hand-pulled Lanzhou-style noodles, handmade dumplings, and chow mein. 

The two crucial infractions involved failing to "ensure food handler in food premise washes hands as necessary to prevent contamination of food," and failing to "protect food from contamination or adulteration." 

The restaurant also received a whopping eight significant infractions, which included "use food equipment not of readily cleanable material," and "use dirty towel for cleaning food contact surface." 

The minor infraction was related to conditions in the food-handling room. 

A full list of the infractions is available on the DineSafe website

g b hand pulled noodles

The full list of infractions on DineSafe.

Despite being flagged for 11 infractions, the restaurant received a conditional pass notice and remains open as staff begin working through the issues raised by health inspectors. 

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GB Hand-Pulled Noodles

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