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Christina Milian is in Toronto and just shouted out one of the city's most iconic foods

Christina Milian is in Toronto right now, and she stopped by St. Lawrence Market to get some bacon that's so good she made a whole video about it.

If her name rings a bell but you're struggling to remember why, it might be because you popped that thang to one of her songs like Dip It Low back in the day.

Christina Milian is a singer and actress from the States who experienced success with her music during the early 2000s. Even if you were more familiar with her back when you were listening to her perform the theme song for Kim Possible, she's still very much so out there doing her thing.

Apparently, she's in Toronto filming a new Netflix Christmas movie called Meet Me Next Christmas, with filming taking place from late March into early May.

While she's here in town, it seems she's taking in some of the best food Hogtown has to offer.

"Oink oink...I love food," reads the caption to a video of her unwrapping a very greasy package of bacon.

People are saying in the comments that she's at St. Lawrence Market and probably got the bacon from there, and it looks like it judging from the background behind her.

Eating the bacon in her car, she takes a big bite of the bacon (which seems to be cooked) right out of the package, which makes a crunching sound as she bites it.

"Did you hear that sound?" the person filming asks.

"Love you guys," Christina Milian says, a big smile on her face. "It's good."

One person simply commented on the video, "Carnicero's Prime Meats," and while it's unclear whether they think that's where the bacon is from it does appear they sell roasted side bacon which could be what Milian was eating.

A lot of people are commenting on the video saying they're excited and surprised to see that she's in Toronto, with someone recommending Kensington Market as well.

Milian has posted a few photos and videos on Instagram since she's been here as well, showing the CN Tower, seeming to line up with the timeline of an early March arrival.

"Just got home from a great 1st day on set," she wrote in the caption to one photo. "It's cold out so I'm looking for a good place to pick up a cup of tea...any suggestions?"

People suggested cafes like Le Gourmand, Strange Love, Pilot and Neo Coffee Bar, though she has yet to make a video about any of those places.

Welcome, Christina Milian, we hope you enjoy your time here.

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Christina Milian

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