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A Tim Hortons in Ontario isn't serving chicken but people are divided on why

An Ontario Tim Hortons currently has a sign up saying they're not serving chicken right now, but people online have different opinions about the reason why.

Someone posted a photo of a Tim Hortons they say is in Niagara Falls at Portage Rd. and Thorold Stone Rd. with a sign saying "This location does not serve any chicken," not giving a reason why or any kind of promise of a time limit.

The person who posted the photo said they were told it was "because it offends an employee," saying they were told this at the window.

A lot of people believe this might actually be the reason for having WTF moments about the sign.

"They got the job KNOWING WHAT THEY SELL," one person commented.

"Why would they hire someone who hates chicken," someone else asked.

"Maybe that person shouldn't be working there," another person commented. "Half the menu for afternoon is chicken."

Other people are even positing the sign is because of bird flu.

Though the original poster calling themselves "Tom Thumb" is adamant in many replies to comments that this is the reason they were given for the absence of chicken from the menu at this particular Tim Hortons, some people are majorly doubting that.

"Corporations like Tim Hortons or the owners of the franchises don't give a diddly hoot what the employees like or don't like," someone commented.

"I don't doubt the sign in the least," one person reasoned. "The answer you are being given (which I don't doubt) is total nonsense though."

"Tim's manager replying to you," someone else commented. "Everything you said is the absolute truth. The lady in the window is telling a fib to move the line along. I would bet on it."

"Indeed, the employee would likely have no idea as to the real reason," someone else replied to them. "It's quite possible that even the manager would not know the real reason. With the lack of information, nonsense 'rumours' become 'truths' within a franchise. I don't blame the OP though. He sees a sign and then gets told a nonsense story."

Some other people in the thread have come up with a much more likely reason for the sign, which they seem quite sure of.

"Plan to check this allegation out soon," someone commented, then replied to their own comment, "It's just re opening after upgrading, machines aren't all tested n parts to hold chicken just not set up yet."

The same person also replied to another comment, "The now open signage should inform enough...the machines haven't been full tested since upgrading to new and therefore cannot grantee quality of food, next week this will be different..."

That certainly seems to be a more reasonable explanation than an entire location of a chain restaurant refusing to serve an ingredient, just because one employee had a problem with it.

According to a representative for Tim Hortons, the real reason is even more bizarre: the restaurant isn't able to sell chicken due to a lease agreement with the landlord.

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