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People are ripping on Sobeys for giving out fruit slices in individual plastic packaging

Someone posting about a Toronto Sobeys giving away "cute" individually packaged clementine slices on Facebook received a surprising amount of backlash recently.

People may have been willing to put up with a little extra individualized packaging at times when they were more concerned about the spread of disease, but it seems those days may be behind us.

Of all the engagement on the post, there are no likes, only angry, sad and wow reactions.

"More plastic in the landfills," one person commented, using the poster's own words: "How cute!!"

Many people simply commented with the word "why?"

There are lots of comments like, "So wasteful," "What a waste of single use plastic," "That's a massive waste" and "It's like climate change doesn't even exist."

One person wrote, "Cute idea. Obscene delivery," and another person tagged Sobeys, writing, "seriously?"

Some people were befuddled by why Sobeys would give away fruit that comes in a natural packaging of its own skin, with other people similarly chiming in that they didn't understand why they wouldn't just give away whole clementines. However, some had a response to those queries.

"This has to be a joke, right?" someone commented. "If only orange slices came in some sort of natural packaging."

"If only it had some sort of natural wrapper," said someone else. "A skin, if you will."

"It'll probably cost big citrus less to just give out a free clementine for their promotion than to have someone peel them and put it in a container," someone else wrote.

Others just hoped there were recycling bins readily available for the individual trash, with one person writing, "Hopefully there was a recycling bin immediately available."

"Sobeys are always doing neat and fun things," another person commented. "I hope there is a recycling bin nearby," to which someone else replied, "I handed my container back to the cashier yesterday and she said they recycle/reuse them."

Others had theories on why Sobeys was only giving away individual slices in the plastic packages, some of which inspired little debates.

"I was hoping that these were damaged or rotten, and instead of throwing out the whole thing they were trying to at least give the edible food away," someone said. "I wish they didn't need to use this much plastic, of course."

"That's kind of them," commented one person. "They probably had too many so they thought instead of throwing it out, to give it away for free. But nobody can escape criticism!"

"clementines vs God knows how many non-biodegradable plastic cups with lids they handed out," someone replied.

"so just GIVE THEM AWAY," the other person responded. "NO NEED to split up and put into wasteful packaging. Wake up, ffs."

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