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People are upset that the KFC Double Down is not coming to Canada

KFC has been advertising the return of its notorious Double Down, but some here in Canada are upset the item won't be returning here.

The item is back on menus in the United States today.

Some Canadians are annoyed that we don't also have access to the sandwich made with two chicken pieces instead of buns.

One person is even saying they're going to ask for it every day until they bring it back.

They're not the only one tweeting at KFC's Canadian account asking for the item back here in Canada.

Though March 6 was the official return date for the Double Down in the States, it's not on any Canadian menus right now.

In typical Canadian fashion, one person expressed they were "a little upset."

People have been asking the chain to bring back the Double Down in Canada for months.

KFC Canada themselves even tweeted in December 2022, "This is [cap emoji] but should we bring back the Double Down??"

People resoundingly replied that they wanted them to bring it back, but alas, it looks like their prayers are going unanswered for now.

One person even said the menu item should be made permanent.

It seems like a lot of people would settle for starting with even bringing it back temporarily, so we'll have to see if KFC is ever going to give the people in Canada what they want.

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Kris Pangilinan

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