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Shawarma joint nailed with 10 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

A falafel and shawarma joint in Toronto was recently flagged by health inspectors after they detected several infractions. 

Orfus Wrap and Grill, located at 3240 Dufferin Street, received a conditional pass notice on March 1 after inspectors found 10 infractions, four of them crucial, three of them significant, and three of them minor. 

The low-key restaurant is halal and offers Middle Eastern fare, including shawarma, kebobs, tabbouleh salad, as well as chicken burgers. 

The crucial infractions included failing to "ensure food handler in food premise washes hands as necessary to prevent contamination of food," and failing to "protect food from contamination or adulteration." 

Some of the significant infractions were listed as "use utensils not of readily cleanable material," and failing to "maintain handwashing stations." 

The three minor infractions involved failing to "ensure equipment surface sanitized as necessary," as well as sanitary conditions in the food-handling room. 

A full list of the infractions is available on the DineSafe website

orfus wrap and grill

The full list of infractions.

Despite receiving 10 infractions, the Middle Eastern restaurant was granted a conditional pass notice by inspectors and will remain open as staff begins working through all of the flagged issues. 

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Orfus Wrap and Grill

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