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Driver smashes into Vaughan bakery and gets nails done next door after

A driver recently smashed into a bakery in Vaughan and left her vehicle following the incident to get her nails done at a neighbouring salon. 

Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe, located at 200 Maycroft Avenue, sells custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and a variety of pastries. Owner Simran Bawa told blogTO the incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. on March 3. 

Shocking video footage shows the Jeep smashing into the bakery's storefront, leading to lots of broken glass and damaged cakes. 

"According to what the police report says, the lady was supposed to brake but instead of braking she hit the accelerator," Bawa told blogTO. "We don't know what speed she was coming out, but to go over that curb you got to have enough speed for the car to have that impact." 

Following the incident, Bawa said the driver's husband came and picked up her car as she went next door to get her nails done. When she was asked if she was okay by Bawa's brother, the bakery owner alleges the driver giggled. 

Bawa told blogTO that the nail salon also offered to reschedule the driver's appointment to the next day, saying they understood if she was "shaken up by the situation." 

"The lady told them 'no, I need this done because I have a party to attend tomorrow,'" she said. "Maybe she was in shock, but you can't be in shock and say things like that." 

Luckily, no one sustained injuries as a result of the incident, although Bawa said the situation could've ended up a lot differently had the bakery been open at the time of the crash. 

"She hasn't been charged with anything which I honestly don't care. That is not my priority. My priority is the business and the business is taking a big impact," she explained. 

"The whole store is boarded up and now the insurance is expecting me to open to business like nothing happened," Bawa said. "If this was to happen to any restaurant, anybody would go in and think it's closed, because it's all boarded up. There's no light coming inside, the store stinks like plywood, there's glass everywhere."

The business announced via Instagram that due to the store's current state, they will be temporarily closed for takeout and dine-in. 

Bawa said as she deals with the insurance and construction company to mitigate the issue, it could be a number of weeks or even months before her bakery is restored to its original state. 

"Nobody physically was hurt, but I have serious mental issues if that counts for right now," she said. "The store was opened with my hard-earned money, blood, everything is put into the store. A little bit of love has gone into everything so it's just hard to see that this happened."

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Simran Bawa

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