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Toronto woman is making a documentary about her mother's beloved candy store

One of Toronto's best candy stores is getting a documentary that will chart their meaningfulness within the community.

The Candy Bar has been a fixture in the College Promenade community for 10 years now, and they're known for their selection of sweets including rare and imported products.

Now, a documentary about the store is being made by student Marlowe Dondertman, daughter of The Candy Bar owner Paola Giavedoni.

The store posted a notice to their social media letting people know that shooting would be taking place in late February during specific afternoons, saying that they could feel free to participate.

"This community has allowed us to grow, evolve and thrive in challenging times but in creative ways," Giavedoni tells blogTO.

"Our retail space has welcomed musical bands and performances in our window, chocolate and candy tastings, commercials, photo shoots, wedding engagements, first steps, impromptu therapy sessions."

Dondertman is in her second year studying Media Production at Toronto Metropolitan University, and is making The Candy Bar the subject of her entirely self-produced 10-minute documentary for the class.

"My documentary will explore the story of how The Candy Bar Toronto came to be and how Paola keeps it afloat. I plan to emphasize how The Candy Bar has evolved to be not only a very popular spot to buy candy and chocolate but a positive welcoming space for those of all ages," says Dondertman.

"I've watched the store grow from its roots to where it is now so I am confident that I can tell this story."

Three days of shooting included interviewing Giavedoni and spending time at the store shooting her and customers. Dondertman is still deciding on how to release the documentary, but is planning for it to be available on April 6, 2023, on the 10-year anniversary of The Candy Bar.

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