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You can now get a dill pickle chocolate bar made in Ontario and people want to try it

A dill pickle chocolate bar is now being made and sold in Ontario, and no, it's not an early April Fool's joke (well, not exactly).

Alicja Confections has a storefront in Ottawa and has become known for their mailable "postcard" chocolate bars.

They just came up with a new flavour that incorporates dill pickle, and people are chiming in online saying they want to try it.

"Yes, we seriously made this bar," Alicja Confections wrote in the caption of an Instagram post about the chocolate. "Yes, it's actually good. Like, we ourselves were shocked by how good it is. If you like dill pickle anything, you need to get this."

"Pickle chocolate? I would try it," one person commented on the post. "Have you had it on pizza? So good!"

"Curious how that tastes," someone else commented.

"Please make this vegan next year! I'd love to try it," commented another person.

Some people even commented that though they might not try it themselves, they actually want other people they know to try it.

"Gross but amazing because pickles are my BFFs favourite so I'm about to surprise her," wrote one person.

"I will buy you this and send one to you just to try," someone commented, tagging their friend.

The chocolate company replied to the comment saying, "I swear, every time I watch someone eat it they look so scared, and then so surprised cuz it's GUD."

"I'm looking forward to her reaction when she receives the bar," the person responded.

The product is already taking off, with the chocolate company responding to one comment on their Instagram post saying, "With how things are going, we might run out."

Though this bizarre chocolate bar is no April Fool's joke, that's actually where the inspiration for it came from.

"Last year on April Fool's, we posted about what was at the time a fake new postcard chocolate bar flavour, dill pickle," Alicja Confections founder Alicja Buchowicz tells blogTO.

"We're known for having pretty weird chocolate bar flavours like wasabi, corn, donuts... we put actual chunks of donuts in this one, but dill pickle was next level weird. When people figured out the bar was a joke, a lot of people were disappointed, so we immediately started planning and testing to make this bar a reality."

The bar launched March 24, and combines the flavours of dill pickle with white chocolate for what Buchowicz says is a shocklingly tasty pairing.

"It's a very surprising flavour because you'd think, like, sour pickles and dill wouldn't go well with white chocolate, but because our white chocolate isn't crazy sweet like most, they complement each other really well and the pickle flavour shines through," says Buchowicz.

"People's reactions are always funny because it's surprising how good it is. It really tastes like dill pickle chips."

The dill pickle chocolate bar is available online for $9.99, and can be sent in the mail through their website as a postcard in Canada for $1.94. Like all their postcard chocolate bars, you can even add a message they'll print on the postcard.

You can also pick up the limited edition bar at the Alicja Confections booth at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.

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