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Toronto responds to uproar after granting nightclub unusual privileges

Ultraviolet nightclub spurred concern from Beaconsfield Village residents with their request to extend their hours until 4 a.m. from early February to April for an event. 

The request was approved on Feb. 2 by the city and provided the nightclub with a music venue passport. 

" accordance with Council's decision, the City Clerk is directed to advise the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) that the City has no objection to the event taking place," read the approved music passport document

Residents of the area took to Facebook to express their concerns about the extension.

"I provided focused feedback to the AGCO, the City Staff and Councilor's office explaining the extension was ill advised given their track record, garbage, noise, gunplay, vandalism etc," said Randy Kerr, member of Confederation of Resident and Retepayer (CORRA).

City of Toronto approval was then hastily rescinded, according to a Facebook post, after concerns from the community were voiced through a letter of concern. 

"The AGCO received a letter from the City of Toronto rescinding its endorsement for temporary extension of hours for Ultraviolet," wrote the Facebook post of the email. "As a result of this letter, the AGCO has rescinded the approval."

Kerr said this was a solid decision made to reverse the approval, and also mentioned that there was added participation from TPS 14 division staff.

"Our resident association has also been questioning the need for extended hours for non-events at bars for over a decade, if the 4 a.m. closing timeframe is such a good policy make it province wide and relieve the inner City of the special status."

blogTO reached out to Ultraviolet and AGCO for comment but did not receive a response.

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