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People are slamming a Toronto Starbucks with one-star reviews all for different reasons

Starbucks locations in Toronto can vary greatly, but one in particular has been getting nailed by bad reviews online.

When consulting the Google reviews for the 444 Yonge St. location of Starbucks, they're mostly one star, with people irritated with the service and other issues.

"A guy made latte instead of cappuccino," one review reads. "I once again asked for cappuccino. The guy smiled, pretended he made a new one and just gave me the latte he made."

Another review says they have "bad and slow service, drinks are poorly made." 

"I gave them 4-5 chances but each time it took some 10 minutes to get my drink and all I ordered was black brewed coffee or black cold brew," it reads. "The Irish cream cold brew I got was also very sloppily and disproportionately made."

starbucks toronto

Starbucks at 444 Yonge St. currently has an average score of only 2.8 stars.

Someone else says they were bullied at the store and employees didn't do anything about it.

"After waiting in line for 3 minutes with just one customer in front of me, the two tall white guys behind me claimed that I was cutting in line and pushed me away and proceeded to place their orders," they wrote.

"Majority of the employees at this location are always snooty. A member watered down my drink because I choose to customize it," someone else complained, capping it off with, "This is consistently the only bad Starbucks in Toronto."

Someone else said it was "One of the worst Starbucks store I've been to."

"The staff were clearly untrained and incompetent, weren't familiar with menu and drinks at all and had no idea what they're doing," reads their review. "I ordered a English breakfast tea latte and they told me they don't have that as in the drink doesn't exist when I've been drinking this since high school and never had any problems at other Starbucks stores."

starbucks toronto

More one-star reviews from the same Starbucks.

It's worth noting that there are a couple good reviews from the last few months, one shouting out a barista they were actually happy with, and another saying the place had a good vibe and they "felt safe and welcome getting my regular coffee." 

Despite any five-star reviews, though, the location still has an average rating of 2.8.

Unlike other locations where Starbucks employees respond and thank customers for leaving a review, 444 Yonge St. seems to just accept their predicament as the reviews remain mostly unanswered.

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