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Someone went to Toronto's new fried chicken joint and says all they got served was batter

A new fried chicken joint in Toronto has been called out by someone for apparently serving them just batter.

Heffy's Fried Chicken is a franchise arm of food distrubutor Harlan's, and appears to have opened a North York location in Toronto about three months ago.

It's gotten a relatively normal mix of good and bad reviews by this point, but one was particularly damning.

"We ordered the 8 piece chicken tenders and wedges, and the tenders were nothing but the fried batter! As if the meat did not exist at all, every bite I took (as shown in the pictures) did not have meat whatsoever, I am so confused and this should have been called 8 piece fried batter, not 8 piece chicken tenders," reads a two-star Google review.

"The wedges were good, as well as the atmosphere, but this should not be the reason why people come here to enjoy as this is a fried chicken restaurant. Very disappointed!"

The reviewer also chose to add a score out of five for specific elements of the restaurant: food, service and atmosphere, with them rating the food 1/5 but the service 4/5 and atmosphere 5/5.

It's worth nothing that the restaurant responded to the review right away, and responds to most Google reviews they get in general.

"We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate experience you had," they replied. "We assure you it won't happen again. If you would like to give a second chance, you can come again any time and use this message to get one 8 piece tenders and wedges. Look forward to serving you again."

There are some five-star reviews as well but there are definitely other mixed opinions, with one person writing in another review, "The chicken tenders (which my kid loved) could contain more chicken."

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