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Sushi restaurant permanently closes in Toronto after struggling to keep things going

A struggling sushi restaurant in Toronto has let people know they have now permanently closed.

Someone from sushi restaurant Kizoku took to a local Facebook group to notify the neighbourhood that the restaurant was now shut down.

Located on St. Clair West, the post was made the day after the restaurant closed permanently.

"Thank you for visiting our restaurant so far. Sorry for letting you know the news so late. We've been running this restaurant for about 4 to 5 years," reads the Facebook post.

"We've been hit hard, but we've been steadily working hard. But we couldn't stand it any longer, my boss was also having a hard time and had to rest, so it was decided to close."

What had hit them hard was lockdowns and restrictions, from which it seems they never recovered.

The post lets people know that there would be quick turnaround at the 813 St. Clair Ave. West address, with a new chicken restaurant apparently already having moved in as of February 15.

"Fried chicken, fries, sandwiches, wraps from what I have heard," reads the Facebook post.

The last day for Kizoku was February 12.

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