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Dairy Queen in Toronto shut down by landlord for non-payment of rent

A Toronto Dairy Queen has now been shut down for non-payment of rent by the landlord.

The Dairy Queen located at 351 Bremner Blvd. now has a notice posted in the window with the heading "notice to terminate for failure of tenant to pay arrears."

It says that landlord Concord Adex Development Corp. terminates their tenancy for rent arrears amounting to $21,782.47 plus all costs and fees associated with the termination.

Someone posted a photo of the notice to a local Facebook group, saying, "I just moved here from NYC yesterday! Just my luuuuuuuck."

"I was pumped to see I live so close to a DQ (US phased most of them out years back), I'm devastated," they wrote.

Some people said it was inevitable as the location wasn't that good anyway, commenting on the photo that it was "a shell of a DQ" and "highly unsanitary."

Still, others commented they were "shook" and that nice staff were working there, another person saying it was simply the culmination of the effects of lockdowns.

The notice continues on to say that the locks have been changed and that anyone trying to gain entry would be unlawful.

Dated February 16, the notice says the Dairy Queen has five days to remove any assets from the premises.

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