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Filipino restaurant nailed with 9 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

A popular Filipino restaurant in Toronto was flagged this week after health inspectors detected several infractions. 

Wilson's Haus of Lechon, located at 365 Wilson Avenue, specializes in lechon, both baboy (roasted suckling pig) and manok (roasted chicken). 

The restaurant received a conditional pass notice on Jan. 24 after inspectors found nine infractions, three of them crucial, three of them significant, and three of them minor. 

The crucial infractions involved failing to "ensure food handler in food premise washes hands as necessary to prevent contamination of food," and storing "ice in unsanitary manner." 

The three significant infractions included failing to "sanitize utensils as often as necessary," and failing to "maintain handwashing stations (liquid soap and paper towels)." 

The three minor infractions were related to conditions in the food-handling room plus failing to "ensure equipment surface sanitized as necessary."

A full list of the infractions is detailed on the DineSafe website

wilsons haus of lechon toronto

A list of the infractions on DineSafe. 

Despite receiving nine infractions, Wilson's Haus of Lechon managed to walk away with a conditional pass notice and remains open as the restaurant begins working on the flagged issues. 

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