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Toronto restaurant owner has had enough of graffiti artist ruining the neighbourhood

One local pizza joint is speaking out against a graffiti artist that's been routinely tagging an east end neighbourhood for years. 

One Night Only Pizza, located at 581 Pape Avenue, serves up a variety of delectable pies and saucy wings. 

The restaurant recently took to their Instagram page to air out some frustrations regarding graffiti that's been popping up all over the Riverdale neighbourhood, including on their storefront.

"This talentless hack has been tagging the Riverdale/Pape hood for the past few years," the post reads. "They have hit the shop a few times with their dog shit face and monster tag." 

The graffiti pictured by ONO Pizza contains profanities, and according to the post, some of it has even involved homophobic slurs.

"If ANYONE knows who this loser is please let me know and you will be REWARDED," the post continues. 

While the exterior of the pizza joint has unfortunately been tagged with some undesirable graffiti, there's still plenty of hot and delicious pies to enjoy inside. 

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Fareen Karim

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