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Diners at Toronto restaurant pay by e-transfer during storm after card readers stolen

The storm in Toronto this week has affected us all, but insult was added to injury when a restaurant had their card readers stolen on Wednesday when a big dump of snow hit.

Fortunately, diners at Jules Bistro on Queen West were so understanding of the situation that they agreed to pay by e-transfer instead, and the restaurant was still able to pull off service.

jules bistro toronto

Post made to Jules Bistro's Instagram story. Screenshot by blogTO.

"Someone stole our two card readers (replacements cost $1400)," reads a social media post from Jules.

"Braving a winter storm, we had a great turnout. Every customer paid by e-transfer."

The French restaurant is known for its classic dishes like coq au vin and cote de boeuf, which really are perfect for cold winter nights. Sadly the situation they were in was less than perfect, but owner David Piltz is thankful for the understanding of the diners.

"We had very few cancellations, about 15 per cent but we had walks-ins. The readers were stolen during the day," Piltz tells blogTO.

"Jess, one of our staff members who hates buying anything on credit, suggested it, and it was accepted 100 per cent by our amazing customers."

It'll take about five business days to get new reader units from Chase, at a cost of $700 per unit.

"In the interim, I just bought a Square reader for $60 and will be paying a higher percentage rate for processing, and Chase will not get income from Jules Bistro until we get the new units," says Piltz.

"The customer acceptance was amazing. We will be offering a glass of Prosecco to anyone who wants to pay by e-transfer until we get the replacement units."

You heard the man: get to e-transferring and get those free bubbles!

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Hector Vasquez

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