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Starbucks is making changes to its rewards program and people are not happy

It seems there’s no corner of modern life that isn’t affected by inflation these days, including the rewards program offered by the world’s most popular coffee chain.

Starbucks recently announced that starting next month, some major changes will be coming to its Starbucks Rewards program and, so far, people are not thrilled about it.

As of February 13, it will now cost rewards holders 100 Stars to redeem free items in the first tier (which includes hot coffee or tea, a bakery item, or a packaged snack).

To get a “handcrafted beverage” or hot breakfast item, you’ll now have to spend 200 Stars, and the program’s top-tier offer of a packaged salad, sandwich, or coffee beans will now cost 300 Stars.

Up until the February 13 change, these items only cost 50, 150, and 200 Stars, respectively.

The only part of the new program that offers a better deal than the previous version is the number of Stars needed for a bag of coffee beans – these previously used 400 Stars.

Rewards holders will still be able to use 25 Stars in order to add a beverage modifier for free, which includes an added espresso shot, added syrup, or alternative milk options.

Customers have already begun expressing their disappointment at the impending change and the huge increase in Stars needed to redeem free items, with some turning to social media to air grievances.

While most seem frustrated that it will now cost significantly more to earn their favourites for free, others have noted that Starbucks’ lack of transparency about the change has left them feeling resentful of the brand.

Recently, Tim Hortons announced it would also be changing its rewards program, but that chain’s updated policy will actually allow customers to earn more points while spending less money.

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