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ronin izakaya toronto

Japanese izakaya handed 9 infractions by Toronto health inspectors

A Japanese restaurant was flagged by Toronto health inspectors this week after receiving several infractions.

Ronin Izakaya, located at 39 Baldwin Street, is well known for its extensive menu full of tempura baskets, yakitori skewers, and premium selection of fried goods. 

The restaurant received a conditional pass notice on Jan. 20 after health inspectors found nine infractions, six of them significant, and three of them minor. 

The significant infractions included failing to "maintain handwashing stations (liquid soap and paper towels)," failing to "maintain records of pest control measures taken," and failing to "protect against harbouring of pests."

The minor infractions included failing to "ensure equipment surface sanitized as necessary," as well as sanitary conditions in the food-handling room. 

A full list of the infractions can be found on the DineSafe website

ronin izakaya toronto

A list of the infractions on the DineSafe website. 

Despite receiving nine infractions, the restaurant managed to walk away with a conditional pass notice and remains open as they begin working through the highlighted issues. 

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Hector Vasquez

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