egg farm ontario

Ontario farmers discover giant egg with another egg inside and crack it during live stream

A family of farmers in Ontario made an egg-stra special discovery this month after one of their chickens laid a supersized version of the breakfast staple. 

Corrie and Jason Adamson are the owners of Simpson Orchards in Leamington, Ont., and produce a variety of crops including apples, peaches, pears and apricots. 

When Jason Adamson went to the nesting boxes to collect eggs one morning, he found the colossal egg, which was about three times as heavy as a normal one. 

"It was so big that it didn't make any sense to me," he told Windsor Morning. "I was really concerned about the chicken that laid it." 

egg farm ontario

Corrie Adamson - Simpson Orchards

The egg was almost the size of an orange or small apple, and weighed more than a baseball. 

"We could tell when we moved it a little bit that there was something inside that was hard, hitting the outside egg. So we had a feeling that it was definitely going to be two eggs," Corrie Adamson told CBC

"We usually have at least a dozen customers a day come in asking to see it and we have it here on display to show everybody, so we were showing it off while we could."

On Wednesday, the Adamsons decided to crack open the mysterious egg in a much-anticipated livestream on their Facebook page.

The family's suspicions of a "double egg" were correct, as once the egg was cracked, another one was discovered inside. 

As for the future of the mystical double egg, the Adamsons said they plan to give it as a treat to their egg-loving dog now that it's been cracked open. 

Corrie told CBC that their dog's favourite way to eat eggs is, "as fast as she can." 

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