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katsuya restaurant toronto

Japanese restaurant nailed with 7 infractions by Toronto health inspectors

A Katsuya location in Toronto was flagged by health inspectors this week after being hit with several infractions. 

Katsuya's location at 3610 Dufferin Street received a conditional pass notice on Jan. 23 after health inspectors detected seven infractions, one of them crucial, two of them significant, and four of them minor. 

The Katsuya restaurant chain is well known for offering delectable dishes like takoyaki, chicken karaage, udon, and of course, katsu (made with your choice of pork loin, chicken, fish, cheese, or sweet potato). 

The crucial infraction involved failing to "protect food from contamination or adulteration." 

The two significant infractions included failing to "sanitize multi-service articles after use," and failing to "protect against harbouring of pests." 

The four minor infractions involved conditions in the food-handling room, and failing to "ensure equipment surface sanitized as necessary." 

A full list of the infractions is detailed on the DineSafe wesbite

katsuya restaurant toronto

The list of infractions on the DineSafe website.

Although the restaurant was nailed with seven infractions, they received a conditional pass notice and remain open as they begin working through the flagged issues. 

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