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Toronto is getting a new 24-hour self-serve health food store

Toronto has been getting some new self-serve 24/7 stores lately, and now one is opening up that serves way healthier fare than the usual late-night chips and snacks.

KaleMart24 has plans to launch across Canada and is planning on opening 11 locations in Toronto by 2025.

It was founded by CEO Sam Saoudi, who's also behind Montreal-based company Toro Beverages, which makes matcha energy drinks and matcha colada hard seltzers.

Products available from KaleMart24 should be in a similar vein, aiming to break through the current usual selection of less healthy foods available from convenience stores.

The idea is that they'll curate specialty brands and products, with the usual small sections for personal care and organic pet care. According to their website, it's fair to expect the stores will be stocked with produce, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, prepared foods, frozen food, snacks, bakery products, pantry essentials and even alcohol.

"Close-to-home or on-the-way-to-work locations are paramount to take advantage of the important on-the-go food category," Saoudi tells blogTO. "We are hoping to open five locations within the next 12 months in Toronto."

There will be three checkout options available with or without the help of an associate: a cashier option, a self-checkout option and a mobile app to order and pick up your order in-store.

A pitch deck says that the stores are aiming to target a millennial audience and will have a "modern look & feel while still maintaining an earthy ambiance."

They're also hoping to open four locations in Vancouver and five in Montreal by 2025.

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