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Toronto Italian restaurant known for cheap lunches handed 8 health infractions

Another round of health inspection from Dine Safe Toronto has been released, and among the culprits, a bustling Italian restaurant that has been handed eight infractions.

The Fresh Italian Eatery, located inside the Grange food court at 109 McCaul Street (an OCAD U hangout), had a less-than-stellar inspection, according to details from the city.

Conducted on Tuesday, January 4, the inspection led to the Eatery receiving eight infractions, of which health inspectors have identified five as "significant."

The first deals with hand washing stations, which the report said are "not conveniently accessible by food handlers." 

Significant infraction number two states the restaurant failed to provide a "thermometer in refrigeration equipment," and number three reads that their food equipment was "not of sound and tight construction."

Number four indicates the restaurant failed to "provide equipment for cleaning and sanitizing utensils." 

It does sound serious but does not necessarily mean they are out there serving food with unwashed utensils, and could just come down to the establishment not having the required equipment operational at the time of inspection

The restaurant was handed a significant infraction for failing "to protect against breeding pests," which may sound gross, but in reality, pests are fairly common in Toronto establishments. It's really more a matter of whether (or not) restaurants are keeping the issues under control.

All significant infractions are regarded as "potential" health hazards and must be corrected and re-inspected within 24 to 48 hours of the first inspection.

The final three of the eight total infractions have been labelled as "minor," and are stated as a failure "to ensure equipment surface sanitized as necessary," "food premise not maintained to keep food-handling room free from equipment not regularly used," and "premise not maintained with ceilings in good repair."

These infractions could pose a "minimal" health risk and should be corrected immediately, though they can be checked at the next scheduled inspection.

A full list of the infractions is detailed on the DineSafe website.

fresh italian eatery toronto

The list of infractions on the DineSafe website. 

The Fresh Italian Eatery was handed a conditional pass and will be upgraded to a full pass once infractions are corrected.

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