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Toronto frontline workers bear the brunt of winter storm woes

One of the toughest jobs during this current period of bad weather in Toronto is definitely being a food delivery person, especially on a bike.

The conditions have people on social media urging others to tip delivery people appropriately during this time, and those delivering are also speaking out about how tough the snow is on them and how they're not getting any good orders or tips.

One person shouted out how dangerous the snow can be for people on bikes, encouraging others to tip them well for their hard work.

A delivery person responded with a screenshot of their earnings, showing little over $5 for a 36-minute trip that totalled two and a half kilometres of biking in brutal snow.

Someone did mention in a Reddit thread that they were delivering food in Toronto, but they were in their car and decided to call it in the afternoon when the weather got worse.

"I was getting really good tip orders," they wrote. "Made 37 dollars with just 3 deliveries driving maybe total 10-11 kms. But decided to come home in the afternoon. Weather is really bad. Not worth risking my car."

The original poster on Reddit was in Ajax, but complained that being out in the blizzard they weren't "getting any good orders."

"My apr went from 28% to 7%," the person wrote. "The audacity of people to look outside and not think hmm maybe I should tip the driver?"

Just remember, people are out there in the wet cold snow while you can stay warm and dry if you're ordering food through an app, so consider that when tipping.

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