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Ontario brewery taking heat after Doug Ford stopped by for a visit

A local brewery in Ontario is facing heavy backlash after Premier Doug Ford popped in for a visit this week. 

Four Fathers Brewing Co., located in Cambridge, is at the centre of the controversy, and received a visit from Ford on Dec. 5. 

In a series of pictures posted on Twitter, the premier is seen greeting the brewing company's staff, shaking hands, and learning more about the brewery's operations. 

Much of the ensuing criticism was directed at the brewery, with lots of people questioning why the company willingly greeted the premier with open arms despite his track record. 

Others scratched the brewing company off their list of businesses to support. 

Another person echoed the previous sentiment, claiming there's lots of better businesses out there to embrace. 

Another person questioned if the brewery invited the premier over themselves. 

This isn't the first time the Cambridge-based brewery has faced heavy backlash. Back in 2018, the brewery was in hot water after one of its co-founders faced assault charges from his former partner. 

Court documents state that a video of the incident was recorded by the co-founder's ex-girlfriend - who also faced multiple charges - and posted on social media. In 2020, all charges agains the co-founder were dropped, and the two parties entered a mutual peace bond. 

Many were quick to highlight the brewery's past controversy, and questioned why Ford would visit a business that was associated with such a history. 

Four Fathers Brewing Co. also reposted images of the meeting on their Instagram, but one person was to quick to point out that their comments were turned off. 

Ford also received his fair share of criticism, with lots of people wondering why the premier decided to visit a local brewery versus a hospital. 

In their Instagram post, the brewing company wrote that the meeting was centred around "explaining our offerings, the brewing process, our commitment to our community in these trying times, and our involvement in supporting local businesses, so we can be stronger together, with a focus to always 'Stand 4 Something Good.'"

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