Tulipa Croissanteria

Bakery shut down after Toronto health inspectors slap them with 15 infractions

A bakery in Toronto open for about a year has been shut down after receiving a whopping 15 infractions from local health inspectors.

Tulipa Croissanteria at 1309 Dundas St. West in Little Portugal is basically doing everything wrong if the latest report from the DineSafe police is to be believed.

The list of infractions is almost too numerous to count with violations ranging from failing to protect food from contamination to failing to ensure food handlers are wearing clean outer garments.

Tulipa Croissanteria

A list of infractions detailed on November 10 by Toronto health inspectors.

Google reviews don't tell much of a better story with photos of mouldy baked goods and comments such as "HORRIBLE! Oh My God Lord I cannot even describe how DISGUSTING this tasted like." and "inspect your disgusting bakery products before someone get(s) sick and the sequences will be big."

The bakery remains closed as it works on resolving the issues.

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