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People have had enough with the brutal parking situation at No Frills in Toronto

A No Frills in Toronto is experiencing a downright brutal parking scenario right now, and locals are taking to social media to air their grievances. 

The No Frills at Oakwood and Alberta in the St. Clair West area has always been a little setback from the street, but now people are having trouble even getting between the parking lot and the store.

One person felt like they had to speak out about the issue on Facebook after not being able to enter the store at all, tagging Ana Bailao.

"For more than a year, the condo construction has been allowed to take up 50 per cent of the only entrance/exit for the store with its scaffolding. Today, when we tried to go in to get groceries, we simply weren't allowed in the parking lot because of crane movement. A police officer was blocking the way," reads the post.

"Police were blocking the way for construction to take place, blocking taxpayers from accessing an essential service, and not because of a criminal investigation or another emergency issue. We had to park several blocks away and carry 50lbs of groceries from the store to our car. I'm physically able, but what about many of the residents who are not?"   

They also said on their way out they had to "navigate through the countless construction trucks that are being allowed to take up all the spaces" instead of people needing to park outside the supermarket.

Other people say that this is an issue in other areas of the city as well, one person citing Davenport and Dupont specifically. Other people are saying they've preferred going to FreshCo due to the issues, and wonder if No Frills has lost business due to the condo construction.

Another person remarked that paid parking had also been added to the lot, generally reducing access to parking for the No Frills.

Someone mentioned that there's another No Frills with a big parking lot on Eglinton not terribly far away. There's also a No Frills at Dufferin Mall where there are sizeable parking lots.

Most people in the neighbourhood are just upset and want to know who to complain to, but there doesn't seem to be as much of a straight answer for that, as unfortunately, No Frills doesn't have control over the situation. Either time will tell, or people will probably just continue to try shopping elsewhere. 

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