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Someone found a live frog trapped in container of salad at Ontario supermarket

While people coming across insects, staples and other unwanted items in their grocery store haul or takeout dish is not entirely rare, when is the last time you heard of someone discovering an entire live animal in their sealed foodstuff?

Well, it happened to one Ontario woman this week, who found a full-grown frog in a container of lettuce she picked up from the shelf at her local grocery store.

Against all odds, the little guy was still alive despite being in a sealed container of Compliments mixed greens at a London, Ontario Sobeys supermarket. Upon noticing the critter, customer Chantel Scott quickly whipped out her camera to take a now understandably viral video.

Scott started by zooming in on the frog, who was on sale (with the spring mix) for a reduced price of $3.97.

"It's still alive," she says after picking up the tub. "Holy shit."

The short clip has amassed more than 350k views and 32k likes on TikTok alone in just two days, with tons of people commenting in shock, bewildered that the amphibian got itself into such a situation.

Many have also been wondering about the animal's fate, which Scott thankfully addressed in some follow-up comments on the platform.

"I went to the checkout and told them, and the employees were worried too," she wrote. "They took the frog away from me to the manager, filed a report and released it to a nearby pond."

According to subsequent comments, the frog did not end up actually being released, but was kept by the manager — who already had an aquarium — as a pet.

Many also noted that even if the animal had been set free into the wild, it is a northern leopard frog, which is native to Canada and the U.S., and very common in Ontario.

While many wondered how the well-camouflaged creature made it through the "thorough" washing of the ready-to-eat veggies, others noted the many stories of people finding worms and more in such products. Also, the fact that the little friend could have easily survived such a process.

 "The frog looks pretty clean," one noted.

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