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Woman finds hidden camera in bathroom at Tim Hortons

Public bathrooms are already pretty disgusting, so imagine the horror one Ontario woman had when she claimed she discovered an ultra-creepy hidden camera beside the toilet while she was trying to do her business.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Hamilton resident Emily Hasler described how her sister found a hidden camera inside a Tim Hortons bathroom while she was with her young child. 

She said the incident occurred around 11 a.m. on Sept. 22 inside a Tim Hortons located at 30 Queenston Road.

Hasler says the phone had been placed inside what appears to be an empty Tim Hortons cup, with a small opening around the camera, and plenty of tissue paper on top to help with the disguise.

"Posting this as a warning to all women. Please check in public bathrooms, change rooms, anywhere where you're in a vulnerable state," reads the Facebook post. "These are places where you should expect complete privacy but unfortunately that may not always be the case."

Hasler said the phone was even attached to a battery pack to allow the camera to operate for a significant amount of time.

After reviewing security camera footage, the restaurant manager discovered that a male entered the bathroom earlier with the device.

When police responded to the scene, the phone was still recording, and has now been seized for evidence.

According to Hasler, the police have footage of the man's face and are actively investigating the situation.

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Emily Hasler

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