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Some people in Ontario are boycotting Loblaws for an entire month

Ontarians are sending a message to Loblaw Companies Ltd. this month by not shopping at any of the company's stores or purchasing items from associated brands like President's Choice and Joe Fresh.

We know that prices on virtually everything we buy, especially food, continue to rise to astronomical costs across the country. Prices for dairy and wine are just the latest to increase again. 

A recent investigation by the Toronto Star found that Canada's three largest supermarket chains are raising prices more than they have to.

With news that Loblaw's profits have jumped even while inflation drives up food costs, some are accusing the mega company (which owns Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Zehrs and Real Canadian Superstore, among other massive retailers) of price-gouging.

Frustrated with a lack of options and thoroughly dismayed by the Canadian retail chain's bottom line, some shoppers in Ontario say they will halt all purchases at No Frills, Fortinos, T&T, Shoppers and other stores owned by the powerful company.

A quick search for #StrikeLoblaws will surface a Tweet from financial writer and beloved T.V. personality Gail Vaz Oxlade from July 20, in which she tells followers that if they want to send a message to Loblaws, they should consider not purchasing from them throughout August.

"Want to send a message about food price-gouging? Don't shop any Loblaws owned/branded store in August and watch the message get delivered. The other chains will catch on or we move to rotating," read her Tweet, which has been shared thousands of times.

But this could prove harder than you think. Besides owning a ton of retail and grocery stores across the country, Loblaw also possesses a number of product lines.

No Name, Presidents Choice, Life Brand and Joe Fresh may come to mind first, but the company also owns Farmers Market foods and Quo Beauty.

According to Statistics Canada, consumer inflation increased almost eight percent from May 2021 to May 2022.

With the month just beginning, we'll have to wait and see if any change comes as a result of this boycott.

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