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Famous bakery and ice cream shop from Quebec just opened its first Mississauga location

A famous ice cream brand from Quebec has been opening its first Ontario locations, and just opened one up near Toronto in Mississauga.

A Mississauga location of Mr. Puffs opened in mid-July, around the same time as another in Whitby. There's also another in Ottawa, and there are many locations in Quebec, and there are even locations in the United States and Greece.

The history of Mr. Puffs actually stretches way back to 2004, when it was founded in Montreal by Billy Siounis.

The "puffs" that are the chain's specialty seem to be very similar to Greek loukoumades, which have already been available in Toronto. At Mr. Puffs, the puffs are made to order and come with toppings like hazelnut chocolate, strawberry glaze and honey.

They also have soft serve which can be rolled and/or dipped in toppings of its own, or served alongside puffs. In addition to that, they also serve coffee, tea, iced drinks, zany milkshakes and what they call "Twisters" or "Tornades" (tornados), which basically seem like Blizzards or McFlurries.

Mr. Puffs seems to be set on a rapid expansion plan based on the frequency of new store openings, with another opening in Rockland in Ontario within this past week.

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