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Italian restaurant in Toronto forced to permanently close after 25 years in business

After over 25 years of business, an Italian restaurant in Toronto says they're being forced to close.

Trattoria Leonardo in Etobicoke has had great prices that have attracted loyal customers for years, even including Doug Ford, but now they've announced they're closing their doors. 

When you go to their website, a small note pops up with little fanfare, telling people "By the way we will [be] closing our doors on August 28."

Unfortunately, Trattoria Leonardo owner Pietro Benedetti says the closure isn't voluntary, and is being forced on them by the landlord. He says the landlord has sold the property and that the new owners want to convert the restaurant into a pharmacy and medical building.

"I am here for 25 years and now we are forced to close. Even during the pandemic, Trattoria Leonardo paid the rent. Trattoria Leonardo was a perfect tenant," Benedetti tells blogTO.

"Unfortunately when you are a tenant you are at the mercy of the landlord. Until last year the Ford government had an eviction policy in place, and as soon it was lifted a lot of small business were forced to close down. My neighbour Lenny was locked out the 18th of May 2021, now it's my turn to leave."

They'll officially be vacating the premises on August 31. To make matters worse, Benedetti says he was only told about the restaurant being sold on June 10, leaving him with few options of what to do about the Trattoria.

"Too bad, this is also one of Mr. Doug Ford's favourite restaurants and I was graced to have him and his family in my establishment," says Benedetti.

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