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Toronto has an outrageous pizza joint hidden inside a beer hall

A Toronto beer spot has been serving a secret menu of pizzas with the wildest toppings like poutine, pasta, chips and tater tots.

Rorschach Brewing near Eastern and Coxwell in Leslieville has been known for its beers for a while now, but in 2020 they started up an Instagram account dedicated to project "Pizza Schach."

Operating Wednesday through Sunday, they offer naturally leavened thin crust NY-style pizza, and post secret menu pizzas on the Instagram.

Lately they've been doing what they call "Movie Night Pizzas," with Goon providing the inspiration for a weekly special pie topped with poutine.

"There were long periods where Rorschach was unable to have guests dine in our space, so we wanted to find a way to offer the Rorschach experience from home," Nolan Maguire of Rorschach tells blogTO.

We decided to buy a pizza oven, began testing out dough recipes, and never looked back. With everyone being stuck at home during that time, lots of folks were watching movies for entertainment, so we name each of our pizzas after a movie to pair it with.

Other weekly specials include the Ratatouille topped with ratatouille sauce, eggplant, red pepper, parmesan, fior di latte and zucchini, and the No Country For Old Men had beef & bean chilli sauce, fior di late, parmesan, cheddar, diced jalapeno, diced red onion, Fritos, sour cream and green onion.

They had previously done specials like a Napolean Dynamite with tater tots and Pringles, but started sticking to exclusively theming the pizzas around movies around the beginning of the year.

"We brew a lot of experimental beers at Rorschach, so we thought that would translate well into pizza toppings," says Maguire.

"The inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but many of our pizzas are either inspired by movies, or iconic dishes that we've grown up with. Our staff will often suggest ideas for pizzas too, so there's no shortage of new flavours."

The regular menu of Movie Night Pizzas always available at Rorschach starts at $18 and includes the Cool Runnings with jerk chicken and pineapple and the Seoul Searching with Korean BBQ beef and kimchi.

"The pizza seems to be well received," says Maguire. 

"During lockdowns, our customers enjoyed picking up a pizza with some beers, and enjoying them at home with a movie, but nowadays guests are able to enjoy pizza in our taproom and on our patios, so it's great to have everyone back for pizza and beers."

They also have house mango habanero, garlic aioli, lime aioli, honey garlic, hot honey garlic and marinara dips.

You can grab these pizzas at the brewery or on delivery apps.

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Rorschach Brewing

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