olettys creamy lecheflan mississauga

People keep driving to Mississauga to pick up homemade lecheflan

Soft, creamy, custardy and doused in a rich caramel sauce - lecheflan is a traditional Filipino dessert that's worth fighting your friends and family for the biggest bite. 

O'Letty's Creamy Lecheflan is a husband and wife team in Mississauga, Dimples and Thirdy, who are cooking up several orders of lecheflan each day, running a made-to-order pickup service for this iconic dessert right from their house. 

After moving to Canada from the Philippines in 2019 and being shortly greeted by a long months of lockdown, Dimples wanted to learn how to make her favourite childhood dessert from her grandmother. Though there are plenty of recipes you can find online to make lecheflan, it's the technique that makes all the difference. 

"[My grandmother] trained me all day, and that's the way it should be. It's more about the procedure than it is about the ingredients you use." 

When Dimples asked what her grandmother's secret is for the perfect creamy lecheflan, her answer was simple. 


Dimples started her lecheflan business shortly after, and is currently working with her husband from home. The two of them take part in the process together, continuously taste testing the dessert to see how it can be improved and made even better each time. 

The husband and wife team have been surprised to see not just how many people have come out to try their dessert, but how diverse their customers are - O'Letty's lecheflan has reached far beyond the Filipino community, introducing the national dessert to people who have never heard of it before. 

Dimples hopes that someday soon, she can open her own restaurant. 

"My husband, grandmother, family, friends, coworkers, and customers are my source of inspiration. They've been very supportive of my business - that's why I'm still doing this up until now," she said. 

You can order O'Letty's Creamy Lecheflan by sending them a DM through their instagram account - each order will be made fresh upon pickup.

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