lazy bear lodge

Canada's Wonderland is getting a massive new multi-level restaurant

Toronto is no stranger to splashy, huge, multi-level restaurants, but now our local theme park Canada's Wonderland is getting their very own.

It's going to be called Lazy Bear Lodge: Wood Fired Grille, and standing at two levels, it should seat around 500.

There will be indoor and outdoor seating on both levels, with a deck as well as a patio with a natural gas fire pit. There should be fireplaces throughout the restaurant, including one that's 16-feet tall and granite.

The design of the restaurant is supposed to be inspired by "a time when settlers explored the country's vast frontier" as well as "the striking beauty of the Canadian wilderness." The look is also influenced by classical buildings and old lodges in Canada.

Expect lots of natural materials like flagstone, granite and wood, as well as large interior murals of Canadian landscapes and over 15 statues of black bears.

As for the menu, there will be two smokers on site that should produce dishes like spice-rubbed smoked beef brisket and smoked BBQ chicken. The menu will emphasize local ingredients and will be Canadian-inspired like the design. You know what that means: Caesars.

No word yet on whether funnel cake will make it to the dessert menu.

The project has been under construction since winter, and is located on a hill overlooking Frontier Canada.

"It's the largest capital investment we've ever made in a dining facility," says director of maintenance and construction Peter Switzer. "Its location is right in the middle of the park."

Lazy Bear Lodge should be opening later this summer. 

"We wanted to make it look like it was always here and part of our landscape," says Switzer.

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