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Toronto is lining up in droves for this ice cream joint next to the waterfront

Ice cream is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, no matter how it's made, and with summer around the corner our veins will probably be pumping cream and sugar before we even hit June. 

With a shop like Ice Creamonology however, that prepares all of their ice cream from scratch every day, our obsession with this dessert might go even further. 

The store has been seeing long lineups lately, completely selling out of certain flavours before closing for the day.

Their latest Instagram post showed a long train of people waiting outside to get in, with a caption thanking everyone for their support. 

"We try to offer our full flavors but for a small shop it is very natural that we run out of some popular flavors. There was some upset customers about that and even a google review that someone was disappointed because we didn’t have the flavors they wanted to try," they wrote. 

Ice Creamonology takes pride in using the freshest, quality ingredients, meaning that their products never contain any artificial colours or flavouring and that everything you can see and taste in their ice cream comes from the ingredients or fruits themselves. 

Some of their flavours include cranberry apple sorbet, carrot walnut cake, and blueberry white chocolate cheesecake.

You can see specks and chunks of the ingredients in most ice creams - their kiwi sorbet is dotted with black seeds, and bits of cucumber skin are visible in their cucumber sorbet with tajin spice and lemon juice.

Ice Creamonology is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a lineup almost guaranteed from open to close.

They also have an online store, where some of their ice creams can be purchased and delivered right to you. 

Find them by the waterfront at 250 Queens Quay W.

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