instagram account hacked

Toronto flower wall business and its clients gets hacked and customers are upset

Businesses and individuals alike are getting their accounts hacked on Instagram all the time these days, but it's especially bothersome when the hacker moves onto your own clients.

That's exactly what happened to Tahmina Begum and her business Toronto Flower Walls.

Like most small businesses that get hacked, Begum was innocently using the account to promote her business renting and selling flower walls for events and to liase with customers, and had a couple thousand followers.

On April 26, the Instagram account for the business was hacked. The name was changed to @toronto.flowerwalls and the account was made private.

"I have opened up so many cases with Facebook. They failed to help me. They told me Instagram and Facebook don't talk with each other," Begum tells blogTO.

"I have filed a police complaint. They also told me they can't do much about it as this thing happens from Africa. I have also connected with Instagram but they didn't help either."

instagram account hacked

Screenshots of stories from the hacked Toronto Flower Walls account.

Things got worse when one of her client's husbands called her angrily asking why she had deleted his wife's account. His wife had thought she was helping Begum when she responded to a message from the hacker who had gotten into the business account.

She has now created a new Facebook account and Instagram account under the name She's posted about the hack on these accounts, but she mainly just wants to spread awareness of this issue so people can report and block the hacker.

Of course, the best way to avoid hacks on social media is to enable two-factor authentication, so whether you're a local business or just someone who supports one, stay safe online and turn that on.

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Toronto Flower Walls

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