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Ontario brewery damaged and devastated by deadly weekend storm

A sudden severe storm that ripped through Ontario on Saturday ruined a lot of long weekend plans for a bit, but a brewery in Uxbridge was hit so badly they have to temporarily shut down to rebuild.

The Second Wedge Brewing Co. posted photos of their torn-apart brewery over the weekend.

"The town of Uxbridge is reeling right now," reads the caption. "Everyone at the brewery is ok, but as you can see we've sustained major damage and will be closed until further notice."

The next day, they posted another update saying they're considering starting up a GoFundMe.

"Buildings and contents can be replaced," reads the update. "We're just so grateful our staff and customers are ok, and no one in town was seriously hurt."

The building is still undergoing structural inspections so much of their stored beer is inaccessible. Though their online shop is closed for the moment, you can still head to their website to find out about restaurants and retailers where you can get their beer to support Second Wedge.

They're hoping to find somewhere offsite where they can brew while rebuilding.

"The entire roof lifted off from the brewery side of the building," Second Wedge co-founder Joanne Richter tells blogTO, noting that they're waiting for an insurance assessment.

"We want to make sure our staff are looked after."

Second Wedge also notes on social media that the damage also affects a farmers' market and pizza pop-up that typically operate at the brewery, as well as all the music artists they had booked to play at the space. They're encouraging people currently reaching out to the brewery with support to support them as well.

"Even though we don't know yet how to use all the offers from help we're receiving, please know that we're reading them all and keeping track of them, and appreciate them beyond belief," reads the brewery's social media post.

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