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Toronto bar issues apology after alleged threats by owner

Nightowl, a live music venue and bar in Toronto, has recently issued an apology after recent allegations were made against one of its owners, who is accused of making vicious statements against a member of the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

In Nightowl's statement, they emphasized that they are an inclusive space for everyone, that they have "zero tolerance for infringement upon anyone's safety in [their] venue" and that they have "asked the partner to step back and take some time away from the venue" until the situation is fully remedied.

One of the owners of Nightowl had allegedly reached out to several DJs last minute on April 14 to perform at the venue.

As the night came to a close, the owner allegedly "went into a rage" and proceeded to destroy all of the professional DJ gear. Soon after, all of the artists found their equipment irreparable outside.

According to an anonymous source, the owner called one of the DJs and made death threats against them, stating that he has to "kiss the feet of trans and queer folk to be valid" as well as other terrifying remarks that attacked their identity as a member of the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

The source stated that while Nightowl claims to be a safe place for the LGBTQ2IA+ community, "it's simply not in [their] experience and opinion."

In a response to these claims, Nightowl stated that they "can't speak on the allegations brought forth regarding the individual involved and the validity of them due to not being present at the time of the incident."

However, they have addressed the seriousness of these allegations, and have been "working to rectify this unfortunate event since it had been brought to [their] attention, and will continue to work to ensure [Nightowl] is a safe space for everybody and continue to review staff and protocols to ensure [they] meet the standard [they] have set as a venue."

A GoFundMe has been set up to help replace the damaged DJ equipment. It has already raised more than $7K.

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