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A Toronto burger joint just introduced an all you can eat annual membership card

A particular Toronto burger joint has become known for its all you can eat deals, but now they've launched a special exclusive membership card that grants you a year of AYCE burgers.

Pennies has AYCE burger deals every Wednesday, but now they're leveling up that offer with a shiny new membership card that automatically pays for all you can eat burgs every Wednesday for a full year.

The catch? There are only 20 cards, so only 20 people can be part of the exclusive members-only burger eating club.

Normally, unlimited cheeseburgers and tots are $16.99 on Wednesdays for anyone walking in, but the annual membership card will set you back $300, though it's valued at $850. However, only the stretchiness of your stomach can determine how good a deal this really is.

"We have some serious regulars and AYCE Wednesday die-hards, so we thought it would be fun to offer something that got them excited, and made them feel like the Pennies VIPs that they are," a Pennies representative tells blogTO.

Launched on April 14, the cards are actually made out of brass so they look like real gold and have a respectable heft to them. They were created by sign maker Ian Milne, who's well known for his work making signs for some of the most popular restaurants in Toronto.

Only two Pennies gold cards have been claimed so far, so there are more spots available in this VIP club, but the rep says Pennies is "stoked by all the excited DMs we've gotten from people loving the idea."

They calculated the price based off a year of 50 potential Wednesdays (factoring in weeks they might be closed) to stuff your face with burgers for $17, arriving at the $300 price tag for the Pennies gold card after arriving at the $850 value total.

The card can be obtained in person at Pennies, or by emailing them.

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