Sweet Sushi Toronto

One-of-a-kind Toronto sushi business permanently closing

A Toronto sushi store that was different from any others has announced it will soon be permanently closing.

Sweet Sushi didn't just make regular sushi: they made dessert sushi out of ingredients like Rice Krispie treats, fruit leathers, candy and Belgian chocolate.

The store operated both online and as a storefront, which owner Jessica Meyer had finally opened after many years of dreaming about it. Now, all those operations are ceasing.

What you might not know is that Sweet Sushi has actually been around since 2004, though Meyer took a break when she had her first baby in 2016. She fatefully decided to reopen in 2020 after her second child turned two, renting a space from a ghost kitchen not knowing what was about to happen.

"I lost all of my orders. I quickly came up with the sweet sushi DIY kits and sold thousands across North America," Meyer tells blogTO.

"With the money I made from the kits I was able to rent and renovate 262 Marlee Ave. This was always my dream to have a storefront."

On top of all that, she actually had her third baby in December 2020.

"Went back to work right after she was born and would bring her to the bakery to sleep in my office most days," says Meyer.

"I really thought I could do it all, be a wife, mom and entrepreneur but I felt spread thin doing all of this."

Lockdowns and restrictions were only making things tougher, with simple tasks like sourcing ingredients becoming difficult.

"I made a tough decision to close Sweet Sushi and be a stay-at-home mom again and I know this is where I will be the happiest," says Meyer.

She is renting out the space for now including all the equipment and work stations, rather than selling it entirely in hopes of one day maybe being able to use it herself again.

The online shop and storefront for Sweet Sushi will be closing on April 11.

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