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People lined up for new Toronto restaurant that gave away 650 burgers in an hour

New restaurants open in Toronto all the time, and lots of them give away free food to celebrate, but one new spot that just opened recently celebrated by giving away a thousand double cheeseburgers in a matter of hours, people lining up to snap up 650 in just one hour.

Cabano's Comfort Food teased the opening of their new location at 1121 Castlefield Ave. on April 14 by promising to give away 1,000 free burgers, and the gimmick worked.

The restaurant posted a video to their social media showing a long line of people stretching down the side of the Kitchen Hub building where their new location is situated.

"We didn't know how many we'd actually give away," says text in the video. "But we were prepared. The line started before we even opened."

The video goes on to say that staff started cooking burgers non-stop for the line of people, giving out 500 by the time an hour had gone by, and that they "couldn't believe it" when they actually started to run out.

Of course, the video concludes by thanking everyone that came out to support.

Cabano's owner Kevin Boyd says people started lining up around 11:30 a.m., and there were about 150 people in line by noon when the new location opened. They gave out the last 350 by 1:45 p.m., meaning the restaurant doled out their 1,000 free burgers in under two hours.

"It was a really great way for us to connect with new people in a new area," Boyd tells blogTO.

"We actually almost got to everyone, there was only about 25 people left. It was a really great way to meet new people and we are planning a joint festival with a bunch of the other kitchens in the Kitchen Hub, shooting for May on that."

Cabano's makes smash-style burgers on squishy buns with typical toppings like onions, pickles and ketchup.

If the sound of the burger gets your appetite going, or if you were one of the lucky 1,000 to snag one and want more, Cabano's also serves other items like wings, chili cheese fries and fried chicken sandwiches.

Cabano's also operates out of locations at 75 St Nicholas St. and 935 The Queensway, and is opening another new location at 885 Dundas St. W next week. They're hoping to open with some kind of giveaway there as well, so burger lovers are going to want to watch out for that.

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